Athletic Training For Race Car Drivers

PitFit’s Jim Leo is interviewed by WIBC for this article on racing and fitness. 

Many people may not consider race car drivers real athletes, but the fitness training they do and stress their bodies endure tells a much different story. Jim Leo, founder and president of PitFit Training, says drivers do a lot of fitness training. That training may include everything from cardiovascular and weight training to boxing and MMA fighting to non-conventional methods like tire-flipping and rock climbing. Leo says the type of training depends on a driver’s needs and preferences, but it all can enhance their performance and their response to impact and injury. Certain kinds of training can help a driver’s reflexes to prevent a crash or better maneuver a course. Leo says that when toned and conditioned, the muscles in the body can act as armor and lessen the severity of an injury sustained in a crash. Leo gave the example of Will Power, who was injured in a practice accident in California in 2009, but was able to heal and start the 2010 season where he won the first two races. Once upon a time, his injury would have ended his career. Leo says it’s only been in the last 10- 15 years that fitness training has become the norm among race car drivers, but the results have proved the benefits.

Athletic Training For Racecar Drivers

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