These Boutique Gyms for Racing Drivers Are Nothing Like Your Local Planet Fitness

Source: Car and Driver

Professional auto racing is the Rodney Dangerfield of athletic pursuits—it gets no respect. Many casual observers assume that the car is doing all the work. But behind every rubber-scuffing hot lap is a human body also being pushed to the limit. Temperatures inside the cockpit can reach 130 degrees and most race cars do not have air conditioning. Drivers can lose 5 to 10 pounds in water weight during any given race. And racers must reckon with lateral and longitudinal forces that can go from 3.00 g’s in turns (what an astronaut experiences during a rocket launch) to in excess of 5.00 g’s under braking (blackout territory for the untrained). “And that force,” says veteran IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe, “is applied to every inch of your body.”

In the dark ages of motorsports, before cars produced such cosmic forces, a reasonably fit driver could easily handle a car’s stresses. Hell, he might even have smoked a cigarette between sessions. It wasn’t until guys like Ayrton Senna and Mark Martin came along that their peers saw the impact that fitness could have on driving performance. Now working out is a year-round grind that has drivers fortifying their core, arms, and neck.

It’s not a regimen that drivers can keep up at Planet Fitness. Instead, many frequent places like Indianapolis-based PitFit, a boutique fitness center with a client roster that includes pros like Hinchcliffe and Tony Kanaan. PitFit aims to train a driver’s body and mind at the same time through a mix of strength and endurance drills, some borrowed from more-mainstream sports and adapted to the needs of drivers.

Some teams prefer to keep driver-fitness programs in-house. Two years ago, Ganassi Racing hired former NASCAR pro Josh Wise to develop a training program for its drivers. “A lot of teams shipped their drivers out to run circuits and lift weights with their pit crews, but from an energy standpoint and even a psychological one, there’s little relevance to what they’re doing in the car,” says Wise. Here’s a look at what makes Wise’s regimen or a place like PitFit different from your local gym, with an assist from IndyCar champ Kanaan.

Strobe-Light Panel
PitFit has a custom $20,000 sensory station created by Senaptec. It takes the old numbered-tennis-ball drill—a staple in baseball training in which the trainer throws a ball at the trainee who calls the ball’s number before catching it—and digitizes it. Here, the drivers are asked to interact with moving images on a screen. Their results are measured, indicating their ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

Race Trainer
One of PitFit’s pieces of equipment is the Race Trainer, its homemade steering-resistance machine that is composed of a weighted steering wheel paired with pedals. A light-up board mounted behind the wheel prompts the driver to simulate a turn, which then instructs his trainer to pull on the resistance bands strapped to the athlete’s weighted headgear, called the Iron Neck. This mimics the effects of lateral g’s.

Strobe Glasses
PitFit uses strobe glasses from Senaptec, a company that provides tools to enhance an athlete’s mental and physical perform­ance. PitFit president Jim Leo says the glasses, which intermittently disrupt the wearer’s vision, are often used with a tennis-ball toss, so drivers can practice tracking a moving object while their field of view is compromised.

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Wild weekend in Portland! Patricio O’Ward locked up the 2018 Indy Lights title, Spencer Pigot went from 17th to finish 4th and Scott Dixon and Alexander Rossi take the IndyCar Series Champion battle to Sonoma. Jim and Alex were on hand to provide track support for Scott Dixon, Alexander Rossi, Charlie Kimball, James Hinchcliffe, Zach Veach, Gabby Chaves, Dalton Kellett and Tony Kanaan, being worked on by Alex in the photo below. Excellent event!
Alex Wanee working with Tony Kanaan, dad to his first baby girl last week! 
National Sprint Car Racer Justin Grant has been attending PitFit to gain strength for a grueling schedule that often can include four or five different races weekly.  Justin was out turning some laps at IMS earlier this week and you can keep track of his schedule at                                 – photo credit Jason Fuller Images
Kane Martin is a kart racer with Martin Racing, part of our Global Online Training program (Privateer Program) and has also purchased our PitFit Fundamentals manual!

We helped him push through physical pain and keep the battle going and helped get him to the bottom step of the podium through it all!

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Baltazar Leguizamon is the Formula Atlantic 2018 Champion! We are so proud and ready to help Baltazar get to the next level championship! 
Kyle Tilley is one of our Level III members and we’ve modified his program to be a little more specific torwards his racing. We’ve highlighted some incredible footage from his race a few weekends ago where he fought back to 8th place overall after a stuck throttle put him in 32nd place with two laps to go. 

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Laguna Seca
We also had a little chance to go vintage a few weekends ago at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca where Jim Leo provided track support with vintage racing drivers. That’s vintage racing…not vintage drivers. 
Click to see McLaren CEO Zak Brown getting some of our new TheraGun with Jim.
The IndyCar season is coming down the home stretch and we’ve got a lot of PitFit drivers to keep an eye on as they close in on the championship.  Check out the freshly minted 2019 IndyCar schedule that includes a return to Laguna Seca as well as Circuit of the Americas at We will continue to feature members as well as drivers from all of the other series we support as well in upcoming newsletters so stay tuned!

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Neck Training for the Modern IndyCar Driver

With the 102nd running of the Indy 500 today, many who tune in may not appreciate the fitness and conditioning of these athletes, particularly of their necks. Since the ’90s when Formula 1 racers began coming to race CART in the US, motorsport drivers have become far more focused on their strength and conditioning as a way to improve their performance.

A driver’s neck is subjected to forces as high as 5Gs. Sustaining high levels of force on the neck over the course of 2-3 hours requires an incredible amount of neck strength and conditioning. With eight drivers in this year’s Indy 500, PitFit Training in Indianapolis is at the leading edge of today’s motorsport fitness and conditioning.

The Drive’s Jerry Perez recently spent the day with PitFit Training founder and president, Jim Leo. What began in 1993, integrating advanced human performance practices with Penske Racing driver’s strength and conditioning programs, has grown into the industry leader in the development and implementation of motorsports-specific human performance training, developing programs for IndyCar drivers like Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, James Hinchcliffe, Charlie Kimball, Simon Pagenaud, Robert Wickens, Spencer Pigot, and Josef Newgarden.

Neck Training for Motorsports

Leo has always been looking for new ideas and and innovative approaches to training. Discovering the Iron Neck at the 2013 National Strength and Conditioning Association Conference, Leo was one of the early adopters of the Iron Neck. Originally sold to NFL and Collegiate football teams to help reduce concussion risk in football players, the invention was not exactly designed for drivers.

“The original Iron Neck was big and a bit rough, but it allowed us to train the neck in a new way,” says Leo. Here Zach Veach trains with the original Iron Neck, which was made of aluminum and weighed 13 lbs.

“Every single race represents a grueling war between man and machine,” says Leo. “whether it’s challenging road courses where drivers are battered by constant braking and accelerating forces, or high-speed ovals where normal humans would black out due to the sheer speed. Being a racing driver, believe it or not, isn’t an easy task.”

Iron Neck has since been a key part of Leo’s program and over the past 5 years he has developed a lot of innovative uses and modalities designed specifically for the motorsport athlete. The newly redesigned Iron Neck is under 3 lbs and a much more comfortable fit for today’s drivers.

When the 1994 CART season began, Jim Leo had put in place a conditioning program that focused on improving team pit stops and overall wellness. That year, Penske Racing dominated the competition by winning 12 of 16 races, the CART championship, and the Indy 500. 24 years later, perhaps another Indy 500 victory is in order for Leo and PitFit Training.