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Fitness Membership


 Ready to get fit? Tired of crowded gyms? Need individual attention but don’t want to pay expensive personal training fees? Interested in training where the biggest names in racing train?

Each of our membership options provide you with your own personalized program, unlimited coaching in our facility, access to your program on the Teambuildr app (with videos), and much more!

With training times from 6:00am to 7:00pm, you can choose what works best for your schedule. Choose which membership is best for you, whether you are a high-school athlete, stay-at-home mom, busy executive, or even a racecar driver. We have private showers and changing rooms, free towels, on-site chiropractor, and a SimXperience racing simulator!

Now is the time to get PitFit Prepared! 



Membership Options

Basic Training Program Personal Training Membership Premier Personal Training Membership High Performance Membership
$189/mo $249/mo $299/mo $349/mo
Choose a Pre-Made Program X
Unlimited PFC Group Classes X X X X
Access During Open Gym Hours X X X X
Account on Pitfit's TeamBuildr Training App X X X X
Semi-Private Personal Training Up to Six Days a Week X X X X
Custom-Designed Training Program X X X
Discounted Rates for Nutrition Coaching X X X
One Postural Restoration Session per Month X X
Full Consultation and Evaluation X X
Neurocognitive/Reaction Training X