Driver Performance

Performance Training

A fit driver is a safe driver. 

We develop the most efficient, well-conditioned motorsports athletes in the world through a multi-disciplinary approach that accounts for the many physiological, cognitive and environmental stressors that motorsports athletes face in competition.  Our program emphasizes achieving and sustaining an optimal level of physiological, cognitive and environmental preparedness so that each PitFit driver can execute their driving skills at 100% no matter the conditions or duration of the competition.

The PitFit Training method involves training elements of reactive, static and dynamic strength, along with other elements of physiological and neurocognitive conditioning.

We offer the following fitness training options:

  • 1-on-1 training
  • Driver-only group training
  • Customized online training programs and coaching
  • Weekend intensives (1-on-1 or small group training workshops)


Our driver performance evaluation will assess multiple aspects of physical and cognitive performance that contribute to on-track success. Through a comprehensive series of tests, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your performance, as well as an indication of how you stack up against drivers of your age and/or series.

Body Composition

  • Provide a breakdown of fat mass vs. lean mass and potential hormonal or dietary issues
  • Determine if fat loss or muscle gain is needed to obtain optimal physical performance on track

Posture and Movement

  • Uncover any suboptimal respiratory or structural patterns that may lead to decreased performance, injury, or chronic pain
  • Analysis of movement capacity and variability
  • Avoid injury, enhance training and recovery

Non-Fatigued Strength Testing

  • Assessment of power, strength, muscular endurance and movement quality
  • Maximal strength testing of neck and grip

Aerobic Fitness

  • Analysis of VO2max, anaerobic threshold, and heart rate recovery

Fatigued Strength

  • Assessment and comparison of strength and movement under fatigue vs. non-fatigued
  • Reveal potential movement compensations and inefficiencies, as well as ability to maintain performance under physical stress

Vision and Reaction

  • Testing of 10 different traits of vision and reaction that impact performance
  • Discover strengths and weakness to your cognitive performance and implement a plan for improvement

Find out how you stack up, optimize your training, and maximize your performance on track.

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Online Coaching

Can’t train at our Indianapolis facility? We provide top-notch online coaching and training programs to people of all demographics across the world.  Programs include evaluation, training program design, coaching on nutrition, recovery and stress management, along with support and accountability from our certified and experienced coaches.

We offer a variety of programs to fit any individual needs or budget.  Each program is run through the TeamBuildr training app, which contains your program, exercise video tutorials, training data and more.  Check out our program offerings below and sign up today or email for additional information.

Online Coaching Options

Express Training Custom Online Coaching Premier Online Coaching Elite Online Coaching
Training Program Type
Template (Oriented toward your goal)
Access to Team Buildr Training App (Contains programs, videos, and more)
Lessons on Nutrition and Recovery
Text and Email Support
Coaching Call/Video Chat Sessions
Nutrition Coaching and Meal Planning
Access to Senaptec Vision Training App
Work with Coaches Alex Wanee or Jim Leo
Quarterly Weekend Visits to PitFit Included
Starts at $199/Month
$650/Month or $7200/Year

Express Program

Custom Online Coaching

Premier Online Coaching

Elite Online Coaching

Track Support

The driver must be free of as many distractions each race
weekend. We can provide the driver confidence that their
nutrition, fluids, preparation, and recovery is being managed by a true professional.

Our Track Support staff tends to the needs of the driver so all attention is directed where it needs to be: racing performance!
Our Track Support Staff will provide the Driver with the

  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Fluid-based adherence before, during, and after sessions
  • Personally-designed drink formulas
  • Massage
  • Dynamic warm-up/flexibility prior to sessions
  • Liaison with track medical staff

For event availability and pricing, contact us at

Training CAmps

We provide workshops both at our home facility in Indianapolis, as well as at other locations across the country.

Our workshops provide hands-on instruction on basic training techniques and methods, as well as those specific to motorsports performance. In addition to an interactive educational experience, workshop

The Brain Lab

About two-thirds of your brain are involved in vision and vision processing. The Brain Lab is our state-of-the-art neurocognitive training room where you can train to develop a competitive edge.  We incorporate training tools and methods that are targeted to improve attention, visual perception, response time, concentration, memory, and much more. 

What is Neurocognitive Training?

Our approach to neurocognitive training is three pronged; Vision, Reaction Time, and Sensory-motor functions.  In the Brain Lab, these approaches are taken to give our athletes the greatest developmental improvements. Neurocognitive training is critical in developing strong neural connections between the eye and the brain. We combine the use of many state-of-the-art training tools to ensure that all aspects of an athlete’s neurocognitive needs are being trained deliberately. No matter the sport or the competition level, our neurocognitive training can be utilized to advance those skills that can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How Do You Train Neurocognition?

Senaptec Sensory Station
Your senses are a compilation of a multitude of fundamental skills. 80% of your brain is related to sensory input and processing.  The Senaptec Sensory Station provides the world’s most complete automated solution for the sensory skills that matter most. The system currently accesses and trains 10 sensory parameters:

  • Visual Clarity
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Depth Perception
  • Near Far Quickness
  • Perception Span
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Reaction Time
  • Target Capture
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Go/No Go

 Senaptec Strobe Glasses
The Senaptec Strobe is designed to train the connection between an individual’s eyes, brain and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information resulting in the individual having to be more reliant on proprioception and their somatosensory system. The Senaptec Strobes can be integrated into any existing training drill or exercise.


FITLIGHT Trainer System
The FITLIGHT Trainer™ system is a unique wireless reaction training system comprised of RGB LED powered lights controlled by a tablet. The lights are used as targets for the user to deactivate and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training regimes. This training system is designed to capture human performance, targeting reaction time, speed, agility, coordination – all measured for immediate performance feedback.

Dynavision D2
The Dynavision D2™ has been recognized as the premier attention task recorder for over 25 years. Programmable options with Dynavision D2™ software enable individualized programs and performance data is quantitative and objective ensuring accuracy. Dynavision D2 can also be used in baseline data for concussion protocol, enabling better understanding of an athlete’s readiness for return to play.

Eye On Ball Vector Ball
Eye On Ball® invested over five years developing the Vector® technology to create the first vision training ball. The patented Vector® ball can be used interchangeably with other practice balls and can be incorporated into many vision training drills. On contact, the Vector® ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, blue), to create a distinctly visible impact. The visible impact gives athletes a tangible focal point that trains the eyes to follow visual stimulus.