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Online Neurocognitive Coaching L2

Online Neurocognitive Coaching – Level 2

The Tier 2 program provides a vision and neurocognitive consultation via Skype or FaceTime with optometrist and sports-vision specialist, Dr. Joe LaPlaca. Following the consultation, Dr. LaPlaca will provide you with a training plan centered around improving the specific visual and neurocognitive performance traits important to performing at the highest level in your sport or activity. You will be provided a subscription to the Senaptec Sensory Training app that can be downloaded to your personal iPad or other tablet, along with other training tools. The program provides you training plans you can perform whether you’re at home, at the gym, or on the road.  To ensure continued improvement, monthly reassessment and coaching calls are provided with Dr. LaPlaca.

Program Features:
•    Senaptec Sensory Training App. (to be downloaded on your own tablet)
•    Vision and Neurocognitive Consultation (performed via Skype or Facetime with Dr. LaPlaca)
•    Vision and Neurocognitive training plan
      o    Exercises for home, gym, and travel
•    Package containing additional equipment for vision training
•    Monthly reassessment and coaching calls and with Dr. LaPlaca

Pricing:  $224/mo.
*This program requires a minimum enrollment of 6-months
online@pitfit.com for international shipping costs