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Online Neurocognitive Coaching L3

Online Neurocognitive Coaching – Level 3

The Tier 3 program offers a vision and neurocognitive assessment with optometrist and sports-vision specialist, Dr. Joe LaPlaca, performed at PitFit Training.  Following the assessment, Dr. LaPlaca will provide you with a training plan centered around improving deficient areas, increasing neurocognitive performance in everyday life and on the athletic field, and achieving your own personal goals. 

You will be provided with several state-of-the-art training tools, including a subscription to the Senaptec Sensory Training app that can be downloaded to your personal iPad or other tablet. The program provides you training plans you can perform whether you’re at home, at the gym, or on the road.  Your program also includes a subscription to the EQ Brain Track app.  This will allow us to establish cognitive and neurological baselines to aid in the recognition of a potential concussion or other traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In order to ensure maximal progress, you will be provided 2 coaching calls each month with Dr. LaPlaca to evaluate improvements and make any changes necessary to you program.

Program Features:
•    Senaptec Sensory Training app. (to be downloaded on your own tablet)
•    In-Person Vision and Neurocognitive Assessment with Dr. Laplaca (Performed at PitFit)
     o    Standard Neurocognitive Assessment
     o    Full Additional Evaluation by Dr. LaPlaca
     o    Complete assessment/analysis of visual system, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
•    Vision and Neurocognitive training plan
     o    Exercises for home, gym, and travel
•    Includes ALL visual at home therapy training equipment
•    Includes subscription to EQ Brain Tracking app.
     o    Establishes cognitive and neurological baselines in case of concussion
     o    Aids in recognition of concussion or other TBI
     o    Monitored by Dr. LaPlaca
•    Two coaching calls per month with Dr. LaPlaca

Pricing: $349/mo.
*This program requires a minimum enrollment of 6-months
**Email online@pitfit.com for international shipping costs