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The Indo Board goal is to introduce a FUN and CHALLENGING way to exercise the bodies balance control systems. Even though balance is so easily taken for granted, human movement is dependent on balance and coordination. In this new age of fitness awareness, the notion of balance training IS essential, particularly in board sports and all physical activities utilizing the core muscles.


Pull the Pin® and experience the evolution of suspended bodyweight training. CrossCore® is a suspended bodyweight training system that engages the entire body with highly effective functional training techniques and programs with Rotational Bodyweight Training (RBT)™.  The patented design of the CrossCore180® and War Machine®, along with accessories, racks and mounting solutions, provide individuals and professionals with an affordable, portable and durable training system.  CrossCore is also the only suspended bodyweight training system that allows you to use a variety of accessories for integrated workouts, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, sand bags, bars and resistance bands.

Surge_Logo_VertSurge Performance Training
Surge Performance Training believes that training should be dynamic, effective, and fun. We design our equipment to meet these goals. We work with sports and fitness experts to ensure that our machines meet their needs and produce real results. Our equipment uses unique, patent pending designs to deliver health and fitness results quickly and safely, for all levels and types of users.

Surge machines are radically different than virtually anything in the exercise equipment market today. Our products enable an unlimited range of resisted movements to develop explosive power, lean muscle endurance, and core stability, simultaneously. The resistance dynamic accelerates the body’s metabolic activity and caloric burn, making the workout intense, and your results dramatic! Surge customers today include elite and professional athletes, fighters, trainers, and coaches across the country and in over 10 countries worldwide. Surge is based in Austin, Texas.


FITLIGHT Sports Corp. specializes in designing and creating equipment and technology applicable in sports, healthcare and tactical industries. Our team continues to develop innovative products designed for human performance improvement for a wide scope of training and activities. FITLIGHT Training™ products utilize modern technology to facilitate individual profiles of routines and results. Progress can be measured through real-time data captured by the user during their training routine. FITLIGHT Sports Corp. is dedicated to creating life experiences in training regimes and routines, in a variety of industries, by making all of the tools available to the user through our quality products and support.

INFINIT’s custom-blended nutrition solutions are designed to match an athlete’s unique nutritional profile through the complete customization of a sports drink. We carry a host of ingredients that have been shown to enhance endurance, muscle hydration, recovery and muscle performance.

Different people, different sports, different weights, different sweat rates; one nutrition solution is not the right answer. INFINIT allows you to customize the number of calories, the flavor level, number of electrolytes and so on, creating the right nutrition for you and your sport.

Until now, sports nutrition companies have allowed you to do this by offering lots of products for you to buy—they offer you a sports drink as the basic product, they then give you gels to add calories, and sports bars for when you start feeling hungry, or for when the drinks and gels become unpalatable. These companies also place the onus on you to consume their products in the right quantities while you’re training or racing. At INFINIT, we believe that we should do the juggling at the production stage, leaving you free to focus on your sport when training or racing. We create a drink with the right number of calories for you, with enough electrolytes for you. We add protein to stop hunger if you need it. We give you a flavor level that you enjoy and will still find palatable three or four hours into your race.

INFINIT was created by a group of guys that were multiple Ironman Kona finishers. We really do understand what athletes struggle with out there, and we make each and every order by hand, one at a time, to your spec.

About Spyder
Spyder is an international performance apparel brand with iconic, innovative product design. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Spyder apparel and accessories can be found worldwide in over 40 countries. Pioneering its first padded ski sweater in 1978, and sponsoring the U.S. Ski Team since 1989, Spyder builds technologically advanced gear for elite athletes and modern consumers. With thoughtfully designed, purposeful collections, Spyder fuses technology, form, function and fashion. Innovation and technology are the foundation of the brand’s DNA, leading Spyder to believe in everyone’s unlimited potential. LIMITLESS.

Spyder Active Sports Inc. is a subsidiary of Authentic Brands Group, LLC.

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