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Performance Assessment

Driver Performance Evaluation

Our driver performance evaluation will assess multiple aspects of physical and cognitive performance that contributes to on-track success.  Through a comprehensive series of tests, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your performance, as well as indication of how you stack up against drivers of your age and/or series. 

Body Composition

  • Gives a breakdown of fat mass vs. lean mass and potential hormonal or dietary issues
    • Determine if fat loss or muscle gain is likely needed to obtain optimal physical performance on track

Posture and Movement

  • Uncover any suboptimal respiratory or structural patterns that may lead to decrease performance, injury, or chronic pain
  • Initial treatment plan for postural correction
  • Analysis of movement capacity and variability
    • Avoid injury, enhance training and recovery

Non-Fatigued Strength Testing

  • Assessment of strength and movement quality of upper body
  • Maximal strength testing of neck and grip
    • See how your strength and endurance stacks up to other drivers of your series or age group

Aerobic Fitness

  • Analysis of VO2max, anaerobic threshold, and heart rate recovery
    • Analyze your body’s ability to generate energy quickly and use it efficiently

Fatigued Strength

  • Assessment and comparison of strength and movement under fatigue vs. non-fatigued
    • Reveal potential movement compensations and inefficiencies, as well as ability to maintain performance under physical stress

Vision and Reaction

  • Testing of 10 different traits of vision and reaction that impact performance
    • Discover strengths and weakness to your cognitive performance and implement a plan for improvement

Find out how you stack up, optimize your training, and maximize your performance on track.

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