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Performance Assessment


Our driver performance evaluation will assess multiple aspects of physical and cognitive performance that contributes to on-track success.  Through a comprehensive series of tests, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your performance, as well as indication of how you stack up against drivers of your age and/or series. 

A full posture and movement screening will provide you with insight into any structural and movement deficiencies which may potentially lead to injury, or may currently be the source of nagging aches and pains.

A series of strength tests will show a comparison of strength, endurance, and movement efficiency of the muscles of the upper body, core, neck, and grip, while fresh and under fatigue.  Conditioning tests will also provide measures of aerobic capacity, resilience to cardiovascular and muscular fatigue, and rate of recovery. Finally, a series of cognitive tests will break down your visual and motor reaction times.

Find out how you stack up, optimize your training, and maximize your performance on track.