PitFit Training August Newsletter

Dog Days of Summer…
Things are heating up at the track and here at PitFit!  There are so many great things happening with so many of our members out there and Chester our honorary “gym dog” keeps an eye on members in class to make sure everyone is staying on track. We like winning and we’ve also got plenty of resources here to help you win at fitness.  Are you PitFit Prepared?

PitFit Essentials – Global Online Training

Can’t get to Indy?  Join our many members who work with us around the world through PitFit’s Global Online Training. We provide top notch training programs, nutrition, recovery and stress management tools along with accountability and continued support from our highly experienced, certified trainers. You will receive a customized program to help you be your best whether you’re in the racing world or just out there in the regular world. Prices will be increasing on September 1st and we have lots of exciting enhancements on the way so get signed up before pricing does! Click on our link below to find out more on our updated website:  http://pitfit.com/global-online-training

Membership has it’s privileges…
Are you where you want to be with your own personal fitness?  Is the pedal fully to the metal when it comes to your workouts?  And what if you’re not a driver…it might seem pretty intimidating to walk into a class where everyone already knows exactly what they’re doing and the program looks challenging.  But hey, we were all there once and no matter where you’re starting we can assure you that you are going to get a great return on your fitness investment and our trainers are going to be able to guide you every step of the way. Our members will tell you the journey is something special. Everyone starts somehwere. 
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The Iron Neck 

If you’re out there on the track you already know your neck can take a beating and the higher the speeds, the higher the g-forces. One of the most unique pieces of equipment we work with is The Iron Neck. Used to help for many disciplines, having a strong neck as a driver helps prevent fatigue, whiplash and even concussion. See The Iron Neck in action in the video below, at http://www.iron-neck.com  and see it live at PitFit Training!

Check out Hinch and Robert Wickens preparing for Mid-Ohio with multi-directional neck work. Commentary by Alexander Rossi prevented original audio…
Pit Fit Prepared – Rehabilitiation Edition

Pietro Fittipaldi, grandson of Formula One champion and two time Indy 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi was back on track in Mid-Ohio Sunday after missing the Indy 500 debut due to fractures to both legs sustained in a crash at the FIA World Championship’s Six Hours of Spa. We are so proud of all the work Pietro did with us to accelerate his recovery and look forward to his future races.

Pietro Fittipaldi working the Iron Neck to prepare for Mid-Ohio, click for video
Congratulations to PitFit Members Alexander Rossi and Robert Wickens for their podium finishes last Sunday at Mid-Ohio…longtime PitFit friend and Indy 500 winner Will Power joined them in the third place spot.  
More hardware earned in Mid-Ohio last weekend with a PitFit podium sweep for race 1 of the Indy Lights Series! Congratulations to Patricio O’Ward, Colton Herta and Dalton Kellett.  Patricio and Colton also podiumed for race 2!
How does funny car driver J R Todd stay in shape to pilot his 11,000 horsepower DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car? PitFit has been J R’s hometown gym for quite some time as he feels that even with all that horsepower behind him and an average race length of 3 to 4 seconds it is still an advantage to be in great shape. Check out the full story:
National Sprint Car Racer Justin Grant has been attending PitFit to gain strength for a grueling schedule that often can include four or five different races weekly.  Keep and eye out for Justin on the podium and keep track of his schedule at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Justin-Grant-Racing-705779336139010/about/?ref=page_internal
Kane Martin is a kart racer with Martin Racing, part of our Global Online Training program (Privateer Program) and has also purchased our PitFit Fundamentals manual!

Check out all the action at https://www.martinracingusa.com/    –photo Martin Racing 
 Yuven Sundaramoothy is an official F1600 open-wheel car driver with K-HIll Motorsports, racing in the FRP and SCCA pro-level series and he’s been a Global Online Training client for over a year now. Yuven grabbed this win back at Mid Ohio early in July and we couldn’t be more proud to be working with him and his dad who is a tireless supporter of Yuven.

Check out more on Yuven at https://www.facebook.com/YuvenSRacing
What a race!!! Misha Goikhberg was part of the winning @jdcmotorsports that won the #sahleen6hour at Watkins Glen! After joining our Global Online Coaching program in December 2017, he made his first trip to PitFit in June. His V02 max had increased 19%, and improved upper body strength 11%. It was his first Senaptec Sensory Station evaluation and he will be retested in the off season
Champagne for @mishagoik and Chris Miller, Check out more on Misha at @jdcmotorsports on Twitter and Instagram.
Study in Stock Car

We are constantly evolving and challenging ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of training for motorsports.  Below Performance Director Alex Wanee works with Ricky Stehhouse Jr. at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during a tire test to obtain information specific to driving a stock car. 

The IndyCar season is coming down the home stretch and we’ve got a lot of PitFit drivers to keep an eye on as they close in on the championship.  Check out the full Verizon IndyCar schedule at http://indycar.com and we’ll be featuring drivers from all of the other series we support as well in upcoming newsletters so stay tuned!

The IndyCar Series is off to Pocono in a few short weeks and while Linear Edge doesn’t have a Pocono track represented in their 2D and 3D track lineups they are always happy to customize to your specifications. So get online to request your own favorite track at https://linearedge.com 

Your next newsletter will arrive in September as we get closer to the finish line on our racing schedules and we will continue to share more of the exciting updates that we will be implementing at PitFit in 2018 and beyond. 

We are looking forward to the tremendous results that await you as you continue your PitFit journey, we’re excited about keeping you connected through our newsletter and cannot wait to hear your success stories.

In health, 

The PitFit Crew
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