Driver Fitness

Driver Fitness



Driver Performance Evaluation

PitFit’s Driver Performance Evaluation provide motorsports athletes with a comprehensive view of all aspects performance relevant to motorsports. This evaluation will provide driver with objective data showing their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they stack up to other motorsports athletes of their age and series. Areas testing include movement and mobility, strength, cardiovascular performance, recovery, and neurocognitive performance.

Performance Training

We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to training, because drivers must possess high levels of strength, stamina, flexibility, reaction, focus, and environmental tolerance. Maintaining all of these components on a consistent level is emphasized in our training program. Training includes swimming, cycling, boxing, yoga, rock climbing, triathlon, and many other activities. Using tools like kettlebells, free weights, Indo Boards, Crosscore 180, sledge hammers, tires and a slew of other “toys” educates our driver to learn new ways to push the human body to its limits, much like it is pushed during racing events.

We offer the following fitness training options:

  • Customized Individual Programs (local & distance)
  • Group Training with Driver Specific Components
  • Specific Race Series and Event Planning

1-On-1 Personal Training

1-On-1 personal training sessions take place during our “calmer” hours, and may be a good option for those wanting a more private training environment. Additionally, these sessions are ideal for someone who needs to train outside of PitFit’s normal business hours.

All 1-On-1 personal training members receive an in-depth evaluation and completely individualized program, along with guidance from their coach on nutrition, recovery, stress management, and more.

Semi-Private Training (L-3D Membership)

Our semi-private personal training model is a popular and affordable way to receive individualized programming and coaching tailor to motorsports performance. The Semi-private training is available through our Level 3D membership. This is a program uniquely designed to help maximize physical and mental performance for the motorsports athlete. The L-3D membership will provide you with the full PitFit experience. You will receive a training program designed specifically for you by a PitFit coach, along with unlimited Semi-Private Training during open gym hours and access to PitFit’s unique Neurocognitive training equipment.

Track Support

The driver must be free of as many distractions each race weekend. We can provide the driver confidence that the proper nutrition, fluids, preparation, and recovery is being managed by a true professional.

Our Track Support staff tends to the needs of the driver so all attention is directed where it needs to be: racing performance!

Our Track Support Staff will provide the Driver with the following:

  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Fluid-based adherence before, during, and after sessions
  • Personally-designed drink formulas
  • Massage
  • Dynamic warm-up/flexibility prior to sessions
  • Liaison with track medical staff

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