Developing Champions.

Can’t train at our Indianapolis facility? We provide top-notch online coaching and training programs to people of all demographics across the world. Programs include evaluation, training program design, coaching on nutrition, recovery and stress management, along with support and accountability from our certified and experienced coaches. 

We offer a variety of programs to fit any individual needs or budget. Each program is run through the TeamBuildr training app, which contains your program, exercise video tutorials, training data and more. 

Program Offerings.

Custom Program

You receive a personalized training program based on your series, goals, schedule, and equipment. Unlike template programs, we will make sure you are happy with our science-based direction in your regime. In the event you are traveling, we can modify the training to fit what you have available.


You will access your custom program on the award-winning TeamBuildr app, a PitFit partner. Every component will be laid out in a simple to understand format. For each exercise, we provide a PitFit video to better understand the movement. All data is loaded and can be viewed by your coach.

Affiliate Coaches

If the driver desires to work on their PitFit program with a coach, we will research the area’s coaches and facilities to find the best possible options. The coach will still follow the driver’s program and communication will be with the PitFit coach and either the driver, the coach, or both.

Neurocognitive Training

PitFit has partnered with both SOMA NPT and Senaptec to provide access to customized cognitive training plans that can be loaded into your programming and performed on a phone or an Ipad.


PitFit coaches are degreed, certified, and follow the strict standards PitFit has been known for since 1994. Each coach has experience working with drivers of all levels.


Based on your program, you will schedule phone or video calls with your coach. During these calls, you will discuss progress, modifications, or any other topics regarding your training program. Further communication can also come through messaging and emails.


Our registered sports dietician will work with you on improving your nutrition. If you have a specific condition that is related to diet, a workable solution will be found that puts you on the right path. You will also be provided with a race week and weekend menu. These appointments can be done remotely or in person.

PitFit Visits

Do you want to train at either our Indianapolis or Charlotte location? You will have access to train at the same facility as world class drivers. As our guest, the driver has full access to all neurocognitive equipment, treatment, and simulator.


Our program commitment is at a 6 month minimum. This is due to the amount of time it normally takes to get the full benefits of the program. When our coachers prepare a customized plan, it considers the full length of the initial commitment, thus making each program as comprehensive and detailed as possible. After the initial six months, programs are month-to-month. If renewed for an additional six-month period, all benefits begin again.

Mental Performance Coaching

For drivers wanting that little extra direction for the mind, we offer mental training with our sports psychology coach. These appointments can be done remotely or in person.

Sports Vision

Drivers have access to our sports vision doctor to determine if there are areas of concern. These appointments must be done in Indianapolis.

Each driver will be provided details on a self-assessment as a means to monitor progress. In the event the driver wishes to be assessed at one of our PitFit facilities, they can do so at a discounted price.

Training Gear

Each driver will receive training apparel from PitFit.

Remote Programs.


Starting at $999/mo


Starting at $699/mo


Starting at $399/mo


Starting at $199/mo