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Kart Fit.

What is Kart Fit?

Kart Fit is an innovative workout that incorporates an interval training circuit with indoor go-karts!  

How does it work?

Each participant will start with a 7-minute training circuit designed top elevate the heart rate and fatigue the body.  As soon as the first circuit ends, you will sprint to your indoor karts and race for another 7 minute period.  Then back to the karts for a total of three interval circuits and three karting stints.

Where is it?

Speedway Indoor Karting located at 1067 Main Street in Speedway Indiana.

What should I expect

Kart Fit is designed to simulate similar stresses and fatigue levels experienced by actual racer drivers.  Throughout the session, the heart rate will be tracked to show exertion levels and calories burned. After the workout, each person will receive a personal training report showing their heart rate numbers, calories burned, and karting lap times.

Who should attend?

Everyone who likes to exercise!  This workout is extremely unique and is appealing for the actual racer as well as anyone who likes group training sessions or simply wants to try something new.

Do I need karting experience?

Not at all.  You will be competing against yourself and going at your own pace.  This is a great activity for a group of friends who want to try a new kind of training.

Sounds fun! How do I sign up?

Click the Sign Up button below.

Kart Fit Class

April 18, 2024


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May 9, 2024


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July 18, 2024


Kart Fit Class

August 15, 2024