At the PitFit Indianapolis location, Cassie Kury is a licensed and certified athletic trainer with various tools to help you feel your best on and off the track. Whether you are battling an injury, chronic pain, or need a physio on race day, we’ve got you covered. A full explanation of services and expertise can be found below.


As a licensed and certified athletic trainer, I am a healthcare professional who specialize in the prevention, recognition, evaluation, clinical diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and management of injury. Athletic trainers can help an individual every step of the way from identification of an injury, to full rehabilitation and recovery. Below is a non-exhaustive list of how I can help you.



Massage has countless benefits including relaxation, increased nutrient and blood flow, increased tissue mobility, increased range of motion, decreased fascial adhesion, decreased muscle soreness, and decreased sympathetic nervous system response. Using various different massage techniques, massage can help to reduce pain and muscle spasm, release knots, and promote recovery.

Evaluation of Injury

A thorough collection of a history and physical examination to gather information about your injury in order to give a clinical diagnosis and create a plan of care moving forward.

Postural assessment

Assessment of posture, range of motion, and strength at any area of the body to create a plan of care for improving your body’s function.


Whether it is rehabilitation based off an evaluation from myself, or from a previous health care professional, creating and working together to bring your body back to full health through movement.

Joint mobilizations

A form of treatment that can help relieve pain and increase range of motion and mobility around a joint.


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) can help to break up scar tissue, improve tissue mobility, increase nutrient and blood flow, and promote better muscular and joint mechanics.


A very popular form of soft tissue mobilization that can help relieve tightness and pain, reduce tissue adhesions, and promote nutrient and blood flow.


Passive stretching (clinician assisted stretching) can help the patient get a deeper stretch by achieving full relaxation in order to lengthen muscular and fascial tissue to promote muscular health and improved posture.

“Thera Gun” / ”Hypervolt”

Percussive massage has been shown to increase range of motion and flexibility without having a negative effect on strength or power when supplemented with a warmup. It’s also been shown to reduce perception of muscle soreness as a recovery tool. Assisted by a clinician, we are able to help you reach muscles that are difficult by yourself as well as achieve greater relaxation.

Other forms of injury/wellness treatment as needed