Building Better Teams.

From junior teams to IndyCar Series Champions, we support teams in their quest to maximize their own performance and morale. Through a multi-disciplinary approach that accounts for the many physiological, cognitive and environmental stressors that teams face during competition, our programs emphasize achieving and sustaining an optimal level of physiological, cognitive and environmental preparedness so that each team member can perform at 100% no matter the conditions or duration.

At PitFit, we build bespoke programs for each of our teams, creating not just physical and cognitive preparedness, but also strengthens camaraderie and morale among team members.

Program Offerings:

  • Team group training sessions at our facilities and/or race shops
  • Customized online training programs and coaching
  • Training camps for drivers to build camaraderie
  • Trackside support with custom meal planning, hydration, recovery support and neurocognitive drills