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Track Support

Drivers and team personnel should be free from as many distractions as possible during a race weekend.  Our track support team provides crucial, specialized support to drivers, pit crews, and team personnel that allows the entire team to stay immersed in racing performance. 

Services Offered:

Customized nutrition
● Custom Meal Planning
● Fluid-based adherence before, during, and after each session
● Personally-designed drink formulas

Recovery Support
● Soft tissue manipulation
● Mobility and flexibility protocols
● Normatec Upper & Lower Body Compression Sleeves
● Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device
● Athletic & Kinesiology Taping
● Blister Treatment
● Blue Light Alertness

Neurocognitive Drills
● Reaction-based drills with FitLight Trainer

Liaison with track medical team

Whether it be a 24 hour endurance event or a two-hour sprint race, your entire team will have the confidence that they are “PitFit Prepared” on race day!

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Kyle Tilley | Era Motorsport
Having Pitfit support our LMP2 effort in several race series is a no-brainer. When tenths of a second matter across the board, we need to make sure that not only us as drivers are hydrated and well looked after, but also the crew.  PitFit keeps on top of everything with supplements and gels, in addition to hands-on soft tissue work and stretching: All of which allows us to perform at our peak. Our Rolex 24 At Daytona victory came down to seconds after the 24 hours. Cramps, exhaustion, or poor nutrition could have been the difference between winning or losing.

Leena Gade | Mazda Multimatic
I had the pleasure of working with PitFit at the 2021 Rolex 24 At Daytona for the Mazda Multimatic DPi race team. They provided support for our three drivers and also the team’s mechanics. PitFit’s invaluable support provided the drivers with much needed recovery post their stints driving for up to three hours at a time. 

I hope to work with PitFit again and would thoroughly recommend their services to any race team looking for specialized support. They are reliable, conscientious and very thorough, all traits valued highly by successful and ambitious race teams.

Tony Kanaan
I have worked with PitFit in the gym for nearly 20 years, and having them at the track has absolutely extended my racing career.  On top of the extensive knowledge with working with drivers, they bring several valuable tools to the track that certainly keep me recovered and ready for each session.