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Bring PitFit physiotherapy services along with you on race weekend! Trackside support includes the services found below for both drivers and crew. Contact for inquiries.

Trackside Support.


Hydration program and endurance hydration mix for drivers and crew.


Different massage styles can tailor to driver and crew needs around your race. Whether trying to relieve soreness and stiffness, recover, warm-up, or cool down and relax; massage is a great tool to have available at the track.


Nobody performs their best under too much tension. Our staff's knowledge can help stretch driver's and crew the right way for them to feel their best.


A very popular form of soft tissue mobilization that can help relieve tightness and pain, promote relaxation and recovery, and increase nutrient and blood flow.


Aside from a warm-up massage, our staff can take drivers and crew through dynamic warm-up. Not only to prepare the body, but prepare the mind with cognitive warm up drills as well.

Fully available and unlimited services

At PitFit we pride ourselves on being available to you every step of the way around your race. Booking trackside support means peace of mind that your drivers and crew will always have our staff members there to fulfill their performance needs throughout the day.